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Just when Dixie thought it couldn't get any worse, an ex-con friend of her husband shows up at her door demanding money. Can police keep Dixie and her family safe?


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When an attempted suicide brings Detective Macy McVannel and her partner Detective Tom Maxwell to the steps of a local high school, it opens up a case that makes them question everything they know about the teenage population.

Though bullying stands at its core, the investigation uncovers secrets too shocking to fathom and a threat so widespread it threatens every student at the school.

Will the detectives uncover the truth and expose those responsible before someone else is hurt? Can they stop the predator from once again crossing the line?


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The women in each of the stories finds herself in a dangerous or awkward position. Is she strong enough to handle herself? Will she come out on top? Check out each one of these women to see how they do.


With topics ripped from today’s headlines.


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A Sanctuary short story featuring Macy McVannel.

Fifteen-year-old Grace Dutton has had anything but a normal life. Sexually abused by the man who is supposed to be her protector, she feels her younger sister will be the next victim.


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The book is an alphabet book. While teaching the alphabet it also teaches some of the skills needed to be a gymnast. Pictures show girls working in a gym, doing the different tumbling and balancing skills.


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When private investigator Samantha Worth wakes up in jail, she can’t remember anything. The only clues are five mysterious items in her pockets. As she begins to piece the events of the night before together, she discovers a man intent on tearing her life apart. Can Samantha stop him before her world changes forever? Contains preview of Macy McVannel thriller, Sanctuary.


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Let the Moonbeams take you where your imagination lives. 

A whimsical book of poems and short stories featuring, gnomes, fairies, elves, fireflies, leprechauns, and other real and fictitious characters aimed to capture the imagination of youngsters. These imaginary places will entice you to believe what you cannot see.


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Can the arsonist plaguing Ridgecliff be stopped before the death toll rises?
A rash of arsons is plaguing Ridgecliff. When the Homestead, a low-rent apartment building burns to the ground, a gruesome discovery is made. The bodies of an elderly woman and an undercover cop are found putting arson investigator Jake Robbins and Detective Rachel Adams on the case.

Who is behind the arson, and why are they only burning old burnings? The key to unlocking this mystery rests with a six-year old girl. Will they be able to keep her safe and solve the case before the arsonist gets away?


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When Rusty Allen, an Iraqi War veteran suffering from PTSD, moves to the mountains to find peace and quiet, he becomes a suspect in a local kidnapping case. 

Now the police want to use Rusty’s tracking skills to help find the missing girl. Is Rusty innocent, or will this search and rescue mission be their last?


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When a sixteen-year-old cold case ends up in the hands of Detective Sergeant Macy McVannel and her partner, Detective Tom Maxwell, it’s up to them to figure things out. As they dig deeper into the murder of Mrs. Appleton’s son, they start running into a problem…their witnesses are turning up dead.

Nobody is safe—not even the captain. Forced into hiding, McVannel and Maxwell must apprehend the killer while trying to survive the hidden mysteries of Rivers Edge.


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Danielle Montgomery has moved to the Willows, the home she grew up in. A woman on a mission, she enlists the aid of her college roommate, Macy McVannel, as she helps to free abused women from their abusers. She is also wondering if she can rekindle her relationship with builder, Brad Stevens.

Is her sanctuary even legal? Can she protect those she hopes to save? Their goal is to provide sanctuary for those in need... But can they protect them from the past they left behind?


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Best friends Teddy Brinker and Tommy Huff are at it again. Tommy wants to convince Teddy Santa is real even if he doesn't always wear a red suit. He sets out to find a way to convince Teddy. Teddy goes along, knowing he will win this one. 

The boys build a wheelchair ramp for a student in their school so, he can come home for Christmas. Both boys learn a big lesson when Brady makes it home on Christmas Eve.

The boys are debating whether or not Santa is real. Is he your parents? Is he just a myth?


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In the small town of Oak Grove the local librarian is murdered. No one can figure out who would want to harm the librarian…or why. Chief of Police Buck Wise finds himself engulfed in the secrets of his hometown, the mob, and state senators. Can he discover why Miss Emily was murdered and who did it?


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As Macy helps plan weddings for her friends, Sallie Mae and Dani, she is also faced with a hostage situation, a return to the issues of Chelsie Patton, a hit-and-run involving the Governor’s daughter and niece, and a break-in and kidnapping. She and her partner, Tom Maxwell must rescue three girls from being sold as sex slaves. Can Macy keep it together and plan the weddings? Is she prepared for Eli’s surprise? Will she make it to the church on time?


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A straightforward book about the perils, pitfalls, and rewards of being a single mom. A thoughful read for parents and teens alike. Teens get to read first hand what others have been through. The book is frank and asks questions. 

If you read no other book this year, So You Think You Want to Be a Mommy? should be at the top of your list.


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A tragic car accident and the loss of her family brings Maggie Parsons back to her hometown as its new elementary principal. Just when she thinks she's on her feet, odd occurances begin go happen at school and at home. Vandalism, missing children, strange phone calls...and it all seems to center around her old classmates. Now Sheriff Norton has to find out what's going on before another target of vengeance is selected.


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When a stranger washes up to shore after an intense coastal storm, Lily Collins' life will never be the same. Will the stranger turn out to be more than just an accident victim? Could love be on the horizon?

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