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My dream to be a writer began when I was ten years old and a teacher told me with my imagination, he would see me in books. I believed him. My parents supported the idea. 


I was truly self-published in 1978. I did the typing, had copies made at Kinkos. Hauled my copies to Reigle Press in Flint, Michigan and was able to get 75 copies of my poetry book Only a Start. Most of which were given away. But, my dream was to write a novel. 


In 2005, I found National Novel Writing Month. It begins November 1 at midnight and ends November 30 at midnight. You kamikaze write every chance you get. You don’t edit or fix, you just write. I didn’t even start writing until November 8th. I was never going to reach 50,000 words and finish this novel. Surprise, I finished just before midnight on November 30th. My first novel was written in twenty-one days. Yet not published until 2006. 

Now it’s 2020 and I have a new dream. I’ve been around publishing for a lot of years. I’ve written thirteen books. I had a small publishing company for six years. It’s time to do what I really love, help other writers get their books written and ready for publication. 

Thus, I have created Rebecka Vigus - The Writer Whisperer and have created programs to help writers. I am not group coaching. The reason is, no two writers are alike or at the same point. I want to work with YOU as a person and help you reach your goals without all the mistakes I made. 

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